Curated Special Occasion Date Ideas

Sat, 23 Jul 2022

List of Curated Date Ideas for Special Occasions

Anniversaries, birthdays, promotions, passed exams, and other special occasions are a cause to celebrate and treat yourselves.  When you’re looking for that “knock-your-socks-off” date that shows your partner that this dog still has some tricks, then check out this list of date ideas.  You’ll find classy, pricey dinner dates and unforgettable activities around the Bay Area, but sometimes a DIY, wine and sunset, or at home date option works just as nicely which you can find using our date idea search engine.

Make sure to plan further ahead and make reservations for these spectacular options, and if you struggle like the most of us to remember bdays or anniversaries, create an account and in your profile plug in your special dates, and we’ll send you date reminders to start planning.

Fancy Dinner Dates