Frequently Asked Questions

It’s easy peasy! Just plug in the area you want to go out in or a specific address, the day you want to go, and the categories – activities, food, drinks, and coffee/tea – you want included in your date plan.  After you’re all set, click Date Search and our date planning algorithm will search through our date-a-base to piece together the best date plans based on your search. 

Once on the Date Results page, you’ll be able to filter, sort, and customize your results by swapping in your favorite options to build your perfect date. 

After you’re satisfied with the date plan, click Select, and you’ll get to the itinerary page that lays out all the details needed for the date.  You can head to the linked websites to book and you can save the date plan to revisit in the future.  

After you do a date search, click the filter button, and within the Activity, select Entertainment.  This will show you all concerts, shows, sports games, and other events happening that day.

When you browse the date plans, you may like pieces of different date plans and want to combine your favorites.  This is where the Swap button comes into play.  Find your favorite date plan and click Swap on the date idea you want to replace.  You’ll be able to mix and match the favorite date ideas to build your perfect date.  Make sure to save the date, so you can easily go back to it.

We’re glad you asked!  Goose is your personalized date copilot that will plan your date for you. For $25 per date, Goose will plan the date experience, make the reservations and bookings, and send you the approved itinerary, so all you have to do is show up and have a great time with your date. 

Goose plans your date experience, makes the reservations and bookings, and sends you the approved itinerary with all the details.  Goose costs $25 and is on duty during the week between 8am-5pm.  You should expect to see the first date experience within two hours of your submission.

How Goose works:

  1. Fill out your search criteria, helpful comments, the best way to communicate with you, and submit payment.

  2. Goose will find a fun date experience and send it over to you.

  3. Accept or reject the date.  If you reject the date experience, help your copilot out with some feedback.  You have up to two rejections and the third date suggestion is final.

  4. When you are likin' the date, click accept, and we'll make the reservations/bookings under your name.  If the date reservation has a pre-booking fee, we'll ask for payment.  Once approved, we'll finalize the reservations, send the itinerary and details, and you'll be ready to rock'n'roll.

If you decide to cancel Goose, you'll get a refund if you cancel before the first date experience is sent for approval.

Everyone has their favorite date spots, and Date Share allows the community to share those date ideas with each other.  To use the Date Share feature, you will need to have an account and fill out an easy-to-navigate date idea form.  After you submit a date, it will go through a review process on our end.  We will check to make sure all fields are completed, and the date isn't a duplicate and meets our quality and community standards. If your date passes our quality check, your date will be published to the site for all to see.  Your date idea will contribute to more people going on more epic dates, and you get good date juju.  By clicking on Date Ideas Shared within your account, you can see the dates that you shared. 

With an account, you'll be able to favorite and save dates, so you get exactly what you want and don't need to remember the details. You'll also be able to use Goose for copiloting the date setup and share dates with the community through Date Share.

You can search for date experiences for free, so treat yo’ self to the creative date ideas.

If you need a copilot to plan a custom date and book the reservations, we do have a Goose service that costs $18 per date. You'll be able to enjoy the extra time not planning and focus on your date instead of the date logistics.

Our team of dedicated date gurus spend the time and energy searching high and low for date ideas. If that weren't enough, we’re building a community of like-minded folks where you can share your ideas. We all have our list of go-to spots and our Date Share feature allows the community to add in their favorites.

We give an estimated dollar figure instead of dollar signs, so you’re not surprised by a bill that will raise your eyebrows.  What does a $$$ even mean??? We take into account experiences and research to calculate the price of dates.  All dates include both people, tax, and tip.  We typically lean on the higher average price, but people have different tastes and appetites, so the bill may be more in the end...don’t be surprised if you order that 2010 Bordeaux.  Restaurants tend to have the largest variation, so we’ve calculated the prices based on dinner prices that include 1 appetizer, 2 entrees, a couple of drinks each, tax, and tip.  If you are looking for brunch or lunch places at restaurants that have dinner options, you’ll typically spend less than the average price shown for these meals.

No way Jose! We want to make sure you have the best experience, so we only promote places and events that offer exactly that. We’ll never take money to promote these places in our search, so you don’t have to worry about us pushing some bogus date idea for our own gain.

Good question.  There are three reasons:  First of all, we thought we were clever combining WOO with date because you’re obviously trying to WOO your date.  Secondly, WOO has a deeper meaning and stands for “winning over others”, and by planning rad dates, that’s exactly what you’re trying to do.  And lastly, we have a fun time saying WOOdate.

The logo combines the location symbol for the recommended date spots and wings to represent our Goose service to form a heart for dating.