Date Plans at Your Fingertips

It’s no secret, planning dates is hard! No matter the stage of the relationship, we all want memorable dating experiences, but it’s a doozy thinking of new ideas.  This leads to people feeling stressed and falling into routines. We all live busy lives, and the current aimless search for “things to do” or “date ideas” doesn’t cut it.  


The three of us started WooDate because we believe everyone deserves great dates, and they shouldn't be so dang hard to piece together. We’re no strangers to planning adventurous date experiences, and friends, coworkers, and acquaintances have been coming to us for date ideas for years. 

WooDate provides an ever-expanding date-a-base that we can all have at our fingertips.  And, this isn’t another one of those listicles that you have to read through to find what you want.  We’ve created a date idea search engine that looks at your requirements and spits out customizable date experiences.


We are working to constantly improve our user experience because going on dates should be fun, not work.  Our goal is to free people from the stress of date planning and make it easier to find new experiences, so you can focus on the person you’re with rather than the date logistics.  

We're open in the Bay Area, Wine Country, Los Angeles, & Sacramento. 

Our Story

Back in 2014, our CEO and Cofounder, Daniel Ferras, started planning dates for his friends around the Bay Area. As time went on, more of his time was spent helping others plan dates. The date requests hit a new peak the next Valentine's Day, and the idea of WooDate was born.

WooDate started off as an Excel spreadsheet filled with date ideas and has transformed into the website you see before you. You'll be able to find, customize, and plan the entire date in one search rather than aimlessly browsing the internet to piece something together. If life is as busy as we know it can be, we'll even plan and book the entire date for you. We hope you enjoy the easier date planning process and find dates that'll impress for any occasion.

our mission

Our Mission is to empower people to shine in their dating lives. No matter the stage of your relationship, you deserve to go on awesome dates. By providing an easy, one-stop shop to plan full date experiences, WooDate gives you the opportunity to spend less time planning and more time enjoying being with your partner*.

*WooDate is for everyone. We don’t want to “put labels” on your relationship. Just know that whatever stage you’re at, we’ve got the perfect date ideas for you.