Bay Area Dog Park Date Spots

Fri, 4 Feb 2022

Bay Area Dog Parks that Double as Great Date Spots

Dog parks are aplenty around the Bay Area, but we found topnotch dog parks that have views, walks, and an opportunity to have a great time at the park with your furry friend and your date.  After you pick one of these dog parks, make sure you have the proper essentials. Wine, beer, or beverages of your choice, a speaker, and dog toys.  Some of these places, we’d recommend human snacks, but you may get bombarded by more furry friends. 


Photo by Daniel Ferras

Golden Gate Beach is a long stretch of beach with incredible views (perfect for photos) and a place to dip your toes.  Lots of dogs run up and down this area.  Go for a stroll along the beach or layout a picnic blanket with snacks, drinks of choice, and sweatshirts (the wind can really pick up).  If you don’t feel like getting all sandy, Crissy Field is a nearby grassy field.