Curated First Date Ideas

Sat, 9 Jul 2022

List of curated first date ideas

Nothing like the nerves and excitement of a first date!  The most important part of a first date is finding more out about the other person, so the date should allow for conversation.  Typically, you’d want to plan a first date that is about an hour, not expensive but still quality, and has other people nearby as a safety precaution.  This allows for outs if the date isn’t going well and you won’t be out a ton of money.  This is why getting coffee, drinks, or food are ideal first date options.  Below we’ve added a list of prime coffee shops, bars, and restaurants, and incase there is a spark and you want to extend the date, we’ve included nearby extensions for the date.


Bay Area

Berkeley: Gold Leaf Café + Shattuck Ave. Walk 
Danville: Sideboard Danville + Iron Horse Trail Walk
Mountain View: Red Rock Coffee + Castro Street Walk
Palo Alto: Cafe Venetia + Chocolate from Timothy Adams
San Francisco, Mission: Atlas Café + Mural Walk
San Francisco, North Beach: Caffe Trieste + Coit Tower Walk
San Francisco, Haight: Flywheel Coffee Roasters + Hippie Hill Hangout
San Francisco, Marina: Equator Coffee + Wave Organ
San Francisco, Hayes Valley: Ritual Coffee Roasters + Alamo Square Park Hangout
San Mateo: Fiero Caffe + Aquatic Park Hangout
San Jose: Crema Coffee Roasting Company + Rose Garden Hangout
San Jose: Chromatic Coffee Co. + Explore DT Campbell
San Jose: Cocola + Explore Santana Row
San Jose: Voyager Craft Coffee + Mural Walk
Walnut Creek: Bondadoso Coffee and Tea Collective + Civic Park Walk
Oakland: Farley's East + Lake Merritt Walk
Oakland: Tierra Mia Coffee + Mural Lane Walk

Los Angeles

Art District: Verve Coffee Roasters + Two Bit Circus
Culver City: The Conservatory + Hobbit House Walk
East Hollywood: Mestizo Coffee + Barnsdall Art Park Hangout
Echo Park: Bloom & Plume Coffee + Echo Park Walk
Echo Park: Stereoscope Coffee + Echo Park Walk
Elysian Valley: La Colombe Frogtown Café + Bike/Walk along the LA River
Playa Del Rey: King Beach Café + Lagoon Walk
Playa Del Rey: Tanner’s + Beach Walk
Santa Monica: Funnel Mill Rare + Beach Walk
Santa Monica: Primo Passo + Pier Walk
Silverlake: Muddy Paw Coffee Silverlake + Climb the Famous Stairs
West Hollywood: Farm Cup Coffee + Hangout in Plummer Park